Three or more times a day, we make choices about what we eat. That’s why we make sure that our production, packaging, and ethos are environmentally and socially responsible, so when our customers buy our food, they can be assured that they’re part of something positive.

— Team Arktitude


We believe in sustainability. 

We are aware that the way food is produced and consumed, directly impacts our environment and society. We aim to provide a diet that is safe and healthy for you and the planet.

Sustainable food avoids damaging or wasting natural resources. It also minimises contributions to climate change throughout the entire production process. Our sustainable food is also produced without hazardous pesticides and chemicals, non-essential antibiotics and growth promotion supplements.


Our delivery boxes are designed to reduce material waste, as each box comprises a single-walled carton. Our bento boxes and cutlery are made of compostable material from sugarcane pulp.

Locally Grown Vegetables

Our vegetables are locally-grown. Not only are our veggies fresh, but they also entail a smaller carbon footprint and are grown with sustainable technology to meet safety and nutritional standards.

Organic Coffee & Tea

We serve coffee & tea that is only grown naturally, ethically sourced, and compliant with fair and sustainable farming practices.