Our Story

The First Bite of a Wholesome Meal.

Wholesome Farm was conceptualised during this global pandemic by a group of founders with complementary backgrounds who share a vision for healthy, tasty food.

Despite the demise of the F&B industry during COVID-19, we wanted to centralise happiness and health in our food, since eating in will continue to be the norm. Furthermore, as food enthusiasts, we wanted to breathe life back into the industry with a smart kitchen to deliver healthier food and beverages.

Our health and immunity are of paramount importance because of this pandemic; Wholesome Farm is an answer to start eating healthier and have a well-balanced diet.

Our food ideas are the care packages that will continue to bridge social distancing, bring comfort by nourishing the body, and inspire happiness and joy as we move through this pandemic and beyond with the spirit of joy that wholesome food evokes.