Our Way

Your chicken should come from a farm, not a factory.

Wholesome Farm provides chickens that live a healthy and carefree life, are fresh and never frozen, roasted and not fried. All of these choices set us apart as a healthier choice for your body, a tastier meal to delight, and to make a more conscious impact on the environment.


Our Chicken:

Raised without antibiotics

Fed with probiotics

Less fat & cholesterol

Enjoy listening to classical music

Think Fresh!

Wholesome Farms Chickens come fresh, never frozen, from our farms to our cloud kitchen, and straight to your doorstep. Through responsible and ethical farming, we make the farm-to-table movement in Singapore more delectable, one roast at a time

Ethical Farming

They are kept in a proper living space in a sustainable and eco-friendly farm, various studies have shown a calming effect of classical music, and yes, our chickens do listen to symphonies. They live to the fullest because we know that happy, healthy chickens taste better and are better for us.