You’ve just finished an indulgent, oily meal of fast food and feel the fried food sitting like a brick in your stomach. Your digestive system will dutifully process what you’ve just fuelled it with; but how good was it for you? Does that feeling of lethargy have lasting impacts?

When people say: you are what you eat, it is somewhat true. When you eat a burger, you won’t become a cow, but your nutrient levels will measure the same as the cow that you have just consumed. 

Nutrition from the foods that we eat provide the foundation of the structure of every cell in our body from our muscles to our organs, our hair to our skin. Our nervous system, our digestive system, and our immune system operate with the fuel we provide them. Our body sheds expired cells to heal the body and create new cells every single moment. The health of each of those new cells – the building blocks of the body – is determined by the food we eat. So, on the molecular level, we are what we eat.

To be fit and healthy from the very molecular basis of your body, you have to fuel yourself with clean fuel. Goodness in wholesome food shines through in taste. Wholesome Farm Roasted Chicken starts with raising great chickens in a healthy environment, so their health will contribute to your improved health once they reach the dinner plate.

A diet of highly processed food which is low on nutrients fuels our body with the dirtiest energy – think of the difference between powering a factory with coal versus solar energy. You would pick the renewable energy that’s better for people and the planet! So why treat your body any differently?

Wholesome Foods

Eating wholesome foods helps build better, stronger cells that are less vulnerable to disease, sickness, and early aging. When you start eating right and eating clean, you will also begin to notice the shifts in yourself – it is easier to control weight, you will feel satiated for longer, and kick your cravings to the curb. 

While our best intentions for the new year often include hitting the gym and eating more greens, you can be a better you with just starting with the simple choice to eat organic. Long-term, sustained change happens in steps, and you should enjoy the journey. Adding Wholesome Farm chickens into your diet will make that journey healthier and certainly tastier.  

Wholesome Farm’s food offerings are always fresh, never frozen, from our farms straight to you. The farm to table movement is the means to your end of living your best, healthiest life. There are never any additives, fillers, chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones on our farms.  These chickens eat nutritious feed, get abundant exercise, and live a healthy life that will soon be part of your healthiest life. 

We are what we eat, and we want to be the best versions of ourselves – that’s why we’re raising only the healthiest and happiest of chickens to be part of your balanced diet.