Roast, not fried!

Real food doesn’t have ingredients. Real, whole food is the singular ingredient. Wholesome Farm Healthy Roast Chicken; pure, unadulterated, exquisite roast chicken with no additives, preservatives or unhealthy flavour enhancers.

Less fat, less cholesterol, and more taste; unlike fried chicken, the flavour of our Roasted Chicken is the joy of simplicity. When all the tribulations of life are stripped away, what is truly important is revealed – our values. That’s the food that Wholesome Farm cultivates.

Our Chicken:

Raised without antibiotics

Fed with probiotics

Less fat & cholesterol

Enjoy listening to classical music


A juxtaposition of distinctive tastes.

Wholesome Farm ensures the use of only fresh ingredients, coupled with extensive research & development to arrive at a product that delights the palate while nourishing the body with healthy food concepts.

There’s no substitute for quality and taste. Your tongue has around 8,000 fine-tuned taste receptors. We have perfected our rotisserie cooking technique which gently rotates the food above the cooking grate, evenly and constantly distributing heat to produce self-basted, juicy meat soaked in a symphony of flavours from our secret recipe.

The results are two distinctive flavours that speak the truth of taste and nutrition to your palate.


Our Provencal recipe evokes the distinctive Herbes de Provence flavours — for a clean, satisfying, and memorable meal. Essential to French and Mediterranean cooking, the aroma of ground herbs wafting from soft, juicy chicken is a mix of oregano, thyme, bay leaves, and rosemary with a tinge of olive oil that coats our perfectly roast chicken.


Our Asian-spiced recipe awakens your palate and ignites sensations of flavours for a tasty, wholesome meal. The eastern fusion roast is inspired by the richness of Asian cuisine with the unmistakable blend of exquisite spices and our well-researched secret mix that makes it one-of-a-kind.

Our Menu

Healthy & Tasty

When you decide to eat something healthy, is it a begrudging action that puts a plate of something unfilling or unsatisfying in front of you? For us, the healthier choice of food is one that improves your relationship with food in addition to nourishing your body with clean fuel. Eating healthy is not a trade-off with eating delicious food. The decision to eat healthy should be a win-win for your enjoyment and your health.

Our Story
About Wholesome Farm

We believe in the values of health, happiness, and taste.

Wholesome Farm is focused on the holistic, intangible value of a wholesome meal – the warm fuzzy feeling of a full, satiated belly while being surrounded by the people you love. This is a wholesome, shareable moment, completed with wholesome food.

Think Health, Taste, Happiness; Think Wholesome Farm.

Our Values

Dine-in & Delivery

You are welcome to dine-in or grab a freshly-roasted takeaway at our flagship store @ Cross Street Exchange (18 Cross Street). If you prefer to enjoy our restaurant-quality meal in the comfort of your home, you can always choose our food delivery option, so you can have your wholesome food to be delivered to your doorstep!